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  • This workbook contains "simple guides" to writing your own wedding vows. 
  • It also has chapters to help your guests write toasts and tributes
  • Every chapter leads you through a simple writing process
  • There's even a chapter for rehearsal!


Experts Love It 

This wonderful little book will help you plan vows and toasts that truly speak from your hearts. As you work with it, this book will also deepen your understanding of why you and your partner have chosen to take this path together.

Dr. William C. Compton, author,An  Introduction to Positive Psychology

Who needs this book?

*Couples who want to express their love for each other openly, honestly, and beautifully in their wedding vows.

*The best man or maid of honor who doesn’t often speak in public and isn't sure how to write and deliver a successful toast.

*The father or mother of the bride, close friends, relatives – anyone who will speak at the events surrounding your wedding.


What’s in this book?

*A "kitchen-tested" process for writing vows, toasts, and wedding speeches.

*A step-by-step rehearsal process.

*Techniques for dealing with “stage fright” that will work for anyone.

*Many quotations from poetry and prose, old and new.


Why is this a workbook with lines to write on as you go?

*This book doesn’t just tell you how to write your vows, it shows you how.

*The workbook format leads you through a step-by-step creative process that is easy to follow and helps you produce inspired results, whether you are writing wedding vows, toasts or speeches.


The vows section is suitable for

traditional and non-traditional

weddings in any religion or sect that allows

personally written vows in the marriage ceremony.

The sections on toasts, speeches, rehearsal, and all the rest will help anybody!




How to Write Your Own Wedding

 Vows and Toasts

This book is designed for family and wedding party members. It contains essential wedding day information and easy-to-use guidelines, as well as many famous quotes to enhance any set of vows or celebratory toasts.

Elaine M. Parker, Ed.M., Author of Wedding Directing and Coordinating – How to be a Professional Wedding Director

Thanks to Robert and Carol for writing this amazing book! Haven’t we all been to weddings where the best man or father of the bride stumbled over appropriate things to say? Vows and Toasts is a valuable tool that helps take the nervous jitters out of that awkward moment – giving our speech maker instrumental advice on how and what to say! Thanks for making this happen and helping the bride with one less worry on her big day!

Angie Commons – Director of Marketing (Premier Bride, Jacob Marketing Inc.)

Carol and Robert
Together 34 years and counting. Photo by Mario Covik

Let's talk about vows and toasts!

We created this book because, over the course of our 32 years together, we've been to a lot of weddings, heard many different vows, enjoyed really stellar toasts AND sat through toasts that were long, boring, or would make your hair curl because they were so inappropriate. With this workbook, we hope to offer couples and their families a tool with which to create and deliver unforgettable words that inspire and delight on your all-important wedding day. Please share your stories with us - of lovely events or of the not-so-lovely - so that we may all learn from each other.

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